The Liebster Award

ImageIt’s been a while since I’ve written a blog entry, so, first things first, I want to address something from *gasp* last year!

In August, Grimm’s Furry Tail nominated me for The Liebster Award. So I wanted to make sure I gave her a shout out and a huge thank you. Go read her blog; it’s full of adorable and hilarious pictures and stories of her dogs, and it’s one of my absolute favorites.

So here are the rules for the award:

Thank and link back to the nominating blogger.

State eleven random facts about yourself.

Answer the eleven questions presented to you at the time of the award.

And pass the award on to eleven other bloggers and leave them with eleven questions to answer.

First, eleven random facts about me…

  1. I work at a publishing company as a copy editor.
  1. I wanted to be a veterinarian when I was younger, till I saw our dog Betsy put down. I knew then that I just couldn’t do it, so I’ve contented myself with picking up stray animals.
  1. My mom recently taught me to crochet, so I’ve been having a lot of fun making scarves, shawls, and I even started an afghan.
  1. I have a German Shepherd named Charlie. He’s like having a horse in the house; he runs into walls and knocks everything over with his tail. Charlie is also the best cuddler, and he’s convinced that he’s a lap dog.
  1. I also have two cats named Frodo and Sam. I call them my little monsters.
  1. Onions are my least favorite food. My mom is nice enough to leave them in huge chunks when she cooks so I can pick them out.
  1. 90% of the time, I prefer cloudy or rainy (or snowy) days over sunny days. It softens all colors and sounds, and it’s very relaxing. Perfect for reading.
  1. I went through a goth phase in high school, and I still can’t bring myself to throw away my old goth outfits.
  1. On weekends or vacations, I take afternoon naps.
  1. When Guild Wars 2 came out, I took time off of work and played about 18 hours a day for the first week.
  1. Viggo Mortensen is my favorite actor/celebrity crush. Not just because he played Aragorn in The Lord of the Rings, but mostly because of his love for horses. He’s also a writer, painter, photographer, and musician, and has his own small publishing company.

Now, for the eleven questions…

1. What made you start blogging?

I started blogging to cope with losing my horse. It was nice to start writing again, which is something I’ve always been very passionate about, as well as connect with other animal lovers. I continue blogging because I love the WordPress community, and my blog is a nice way to keep in touch with friends and family, and share pictures and stories with them.

2. If you had to give up one cherished pastime or hobby, what would it be?

As hard as it would be, if I had to choose, it would be video games, simply because there’s no way I’m giving up either horseback riding or writing.

3. Who has been the biggest influence in your life?

My horse has been the biggest influence in my life. He taught me more than anyone else, about things like patience and trust, respect, responsibility, love and loyalty. He taught me that there are no bad horses, only damaged ones, hurt by bad people. And that even the most damaged horses can love and trust again. Because of him, I am the person I am today.

4. Where did you grow up?

I was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, but my family moved to southern Delaware when I was young, so I really grew up there. My mom told me that I hated it when we first moved to Delaware; I missed all my friends. But she said I perked up when we started going to the nearby state park. And I know I loved being in the country when I started taking horseback riding lessons.

5. What is your favorite food or beverage in the whole wide world?

Definitely peanut butter, because I can (and often do) eat it every day.

6. What are you least skilled at?

FPS (first-person shooter) games. I always manage to get myself stuck in a corner and killed. I was never good at sports, either.

7. And most?

I’m good at taking care of animals. And editing grammar.

8. If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

Mind control could be pretty useful…

9. Do you prefer coffee, tea, or neither?

I prefer tea, but things get pretty hectic at work, so I usually end up drinking a lot of coffee.

10. What type of landscape relaxes you the most?

Wide open fields, where I can see all of the sky and the stars.

11. What television show or book series are you currently addicted to?

Right now, it’s Sherlock Holmes. My co-worker got me into it after we saw The Hobbit together, and she mentioned that Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch were in the show together. It’s absolutely brilliant.

And finally, the nominations!

I haven’t been on much lately, and don’t get a chance to read many blogs, so I’m not holding myself to the final rule. However, the following blogs are my absolute favorites, and they never fail to brighten my day, whether through their beautiful photographs, heartwarming stories, or the brilliant discussions they create.

So, in no particular order:

Day by Day the Farm Girl Way

Adventures at Run A Muck Ranch

The Lonely Dogs

A Pilgrim in Narnia

Breaking Moulds

And now, to my favorite bloggers, here are my questions to you:

  1. Are you a cat or a dog person?
  2. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?
  1. If money was no issue, how would you spend the rest of your life?
  1. What is your favorite book, or, who is your favorite author?
  1. If you could spend a day with a fictional character, who would it be?
  1. What is your least favorite food?
  1. What is your favorite season, and why?
  1. If you could go back and choose a different career path or job, would you? And what would it be?
  1. What was your favorite subject in school?
  1. Do you prefer coffee or tea, or something else?
  1. Are you currently addicted to a book or television series?

So thank you again to Grimm’s Furry Tail – every time I get a nomination, I’m absolutely thrilled; I don’t write much, nor do I think I write anything particularly amazing, so to know I’ve impacted only one person is a big deal to me – and thanks to all my readers and fellow bloggers for continuing to inspire me.


4 responses to “The Liebster Award

  1. Glad to see you are back! I know how hectic the end of the year can be so I definitely understand how hard it can be to fit in blogging, too.

    I had always wanted to learn to crochet, but missed out on learning it from a master. My grandmother was terrific at it, but unfortunately she passed away before she could pass on her knowledge and techniques to me. I regret not making the time to sit down and learn this from her.

    I know how much you love animals and I understand how they can be such terrific teachers and inspiration in everyday life. I cannot imagine life without some furry critter or another in it. Keep doing what you love. Oh, and by the way, my dog Rufus would say that peanut butter is also his favorite food! ;)

    • Yes, once the holidays arrive, it just feels like a whirlwind until the end of the year! Between shopping, baking, decorating, and then all the holiday parties… makes me want to hibernate!

      It’s definitely easiest to learn at least the basics from someone. I would get very frustrated at first, and it was great to have my mom show me the same thing, over and over and over again, haha. But if you still want to learn, I think is a great resource. They have free patterns, and picture and video tutorials. I just find the website easy to use because if I’m reading a pattern, and it has a stitch I don’t know, the stitches in the pattern link right to the tutorials.

      That’s why I love reading your blog so much, you perfectly capture all those cute, funny, random moments of your pets. The little things. I always think the little things are what make life especially fun :)

      And I hope there is much peanut butter in Rufus’ future!

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